Mt McKinley... We spent 2 days, within Denali National Park, and 2 more days to the south in Talkeetna, AK and Anchorage, AK to see if we could see Mount McKinley.  It was always clouded in. We never saw it.  Actually, the second and third highest mountains in the United States were seen either, northeast of Valdez, Alaska.
Our Tenetive Road Map.
Satellite Photo Of Alaska

Our Alaskan RV Road Trip
August 19th thru 30th, 2008 - Index

Day 1 - August 19th, 2008
     Getting Out Of St Louis

Day 2 - August 20th, 2008
     Kenai Peninsula

Day 3 - August 21st, 2008
     Checking out Homer, then onward to Seward

Day 4 - August 22nd, 2008
     Boat Trip to the Aialik Glacier & Wildlife

Day 5 - August 23rd, 2008
     Seward, Whittier, then Ferry to Valdez, Alaska

Day 6 - August 24th, 2008
     Heading North on the Richardson Highway

Day 7 - August 25th, 2008
     Up To Fairbanks Then To Denali National Park

Day 8 - August 26th, 2008
     Bus Tour Denali National Park

Day 9 - August 27th, 2008
     Our Day In Denali National Park

Day 10 - August 28th, 2008
     Heading South Trying To See Mt. McKinley

Day 11 - August 29th, 2008
     Hatcher Pass - Independence Mine

Day 12 - August 30th, 2008
     Anchorage, Flat Mountain, then Home

Foliage and Wildlife
Our RV... Our Home away from Home.
Sarah Palin: We were in her home town of Wasillia, AK, when she was annouced as the VP candidate with John McCane.

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