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Our First Day-Sunday:
It started late by catching the Amtrak train in Kirkwood, Missouri at 4:29 PM and arriving in Sedalia around 7:45 PM. We stayed at the historic Hotel Bothwell in downtown Sedalia.
Our Second Day-Monday:
We left Sedalia, Missouri around 8:30 AM and road our bikes 39+ miles to Booneville. We arrived at Hotel Frederick around 3:45 PM.
Our Third Day-Tuesday:
We left Booneville, Missouri around 8:00 AM and took a side trip up the MKT Trail to Columbia, Missouri where my alma mater is located... University of Missouri.
Our Forth Day-Wednesday:
Today is our shortest ride between Columbia, Missouri and Hartsburg... 26 miles.
Our Fifth Day-Thursday (It's Our 16th Wedding Anniversary):
This is our longest ride so far on this bike ride, but it RAINED RAINED AND RAINED cats and dogs all day. We rode our bikes for 45 miles and 35 miles of it was in heavy rain, thunder and lighting. What an experience.
Our Sixth Day-Friday:
This was our next longest ride today and it RAINED, RAINED AND RAINED all day as well as it was much colder. This is very demoralizing. We had to make it to Augusta, Missouri to our next B & B. It's our most expensive one on this trip.
Our Seventh Day-Saturday:
Yesterday we desided to make Augusta, Missouri our final destination. The final 26 miles to St. Charles was not worth it. The prior two days of rain rain and more rain made the trail soft and hard to bike on. We are going home.